History of the Open AI bot : How to defeat this mid bot ?


Within the framework of The International 2017 research company Ilona Mask Open AI presented a special bot that can successfully compete with players in 1 vs 1 mode, playing for Shadow Fiend. The developers have uncovered some details of the development of the bot. We suggest that you read the basic information from the expanded message.

image courtesy : Valve


The result, which was achieved at the tournament, proves that the productivity of the trained bot is extremely high: it is able to surpass the person. Within a month he managed to go from weakly playing bot to bot, leaving no chance for the most successful players of the world stage .

  • March 1 : first results, bot  Drow Ranger learned to kite the Earthshaker ; 
  • May 8 : A player with 1,500 MMR, fighting a bot and still surpassing it;
  • Beginning of June : the bot defeats the opponent with 1,500 single rankings;
  • June 30 : victory over the player with 3,000 MMR;
  • July 8 : the bot wins the game from a semi-professional player with 7,500 MMR;
  • On August 7 : Blitz (6,200 MMR) wins 3: 0, Pajkatt (8,500 MMR) wins with a score of 2: 1, wins  CC $ C(8,900 MMR) with a score of 3: 0. Everyone came to the conclusion that Suma1L will find a way to get the upper hand; 

  • August 9 : The bot competes with Arteezy (10,000 MMR) and wins 10 cards out of 10. The player believes that Suma1L will understand how to overcome it;
  • August 10 : The bot wins Suma1L (8,300 MMR) with a score of 6: 0. The Mid laner believes that it is impossible to beat him.

  • August 11 : on the stage of The International 2017 with a bot Dendi (7,300 MMR) meets , the player concedes with a score of 0: 2.

In the future, Open AI plans to improve their bot and even create a full-fledged team. To date, developers are working on developing a template with a set of functions and actions for each of the game positions.

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