Ana leaves OG after Ti7 disaster


The official group of the OG team on Facebook a message appeared about the results of The International. 

og ana

image courtesy : twitter 

The report says that the past season was “wild” for the team – with the new line-up managed to protect  Eaglesong and win the  Mystic Staff . The organization recognizes that the TI team was far from perfect. In addition, it was announced that the team will leave ana : the organization thanks him for the game and wishes success in his future career.

The Australian himself was also laconic:

I would like to thank OG for an unforgettable year! Everyone in this team somehow taught me something, including Evan (manager) and Sebastian ( 7ckngmad ). It was a terrific time, and I want to wish them good luck in the future!

Who will become the new miter of the European team and where he will continue his career ana , is still unknown.

Current OG line up:

  • N0tail
  • S4
  • JerAx 
  • Fly 

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