Who will Win the Arcana Vote Pudge , Sniper , Invoker or Rubik ?


We are currently into the semi-finals of the Arcana Vote! Templer Assassin has lost her foot and has fallen however the butcher the Pudge is still in the running.

The Arcana Vote now enters its last stages with only 4 legends remaining; Pudge, Invoker, Sniper and Rubick. For the semi-last the most played saint in Dota 2 Pudge will confront the famous and most in fact testing legend in the diversion, Invoker. Invoker won the past round against Spirit Breaker by an overwhelming margin, taking 79.9% of votes to enter the last 4.

The nearest vote in the quarter-finals was Sniper versus Templar Assassin and it completed imprudently close, yet Sniper won by 0.3% of votes to now confront up against help saint Rubick.

Of the four last legends in the Arcana Vote Rubick has altogether less play time in the unequaled diagrams. As per the DOTABUFF leaderboards, Pudge is the most played all time favorite  ever with Sniper second and Invoker third. Rubick then again is just the 31st most played saint in Dota 2, making him the underdog heading into the semi-finals.

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