All New Diretide : Screenshots from Current Dota 2


One of the users of Reddit posted screenshots of Diretide for Dota 2 Reborn. The author of this work is the developer of the popular custom game Dota IMBA. October 15 will be an opportunity to evaluate his work and enjoy the old days.

We all loved to eat candies and kill the big fat roshan and get some cool items on the inventory didn’t we ?

There has been lot of speculation 2017 valve might bring back dire tide part 2 . But our sources are not yet sure about it.

These pictures makes us want for more of dire tide !!

Trick or treat ?

Great memories coming your way in form of Dota 2 IMBA series soon ? We have more questions to the developer .

Dota 2 diretide lovers will remember 89 roshan kills from IG Chun and his team one of those teams who made to leader board

All we can do is hope Valve hears community voice and give us diretide 🙂 this year during Christmas / New year .

Do comment and  let us know if you want to see Diretide happen this year ? Share and tag your dota2 friends and let Dota 2 community voice reach out to Valve once again ..

Cheers !

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