Dota 2 New Trailer Released by Valve


dota 2 join the battle

image credits : Valve

Valve amazed us with what does a hero truly need trailer back in 2011 and we never have seen Valve marketing their main stream gaming titles like Dota2 , but encourage players and community members promote and make content for the the game .

But Valve has new tricks under its sleeve to promote Dota2 world wide and with The International Grand Finals starting from today they don’t want to miss this opportunity to make the community bigger with new players growing over period of time

We got goosebumps to when we saw the new trailer on their official channel  , 2 days ago .

Enjoy the new trailer here : 

With ever growing toxic community of Dota 2 , Valve is trying their best to keep it simple to new players who will be joining to play Dota2 and we at are committed to keep it simple with our set of guides and coaching which will be available for free in few months down the line. So don’t forget to register to for sensational updates on game plays , guides , pro games and much more.

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