20 Million + Prize Money on Dota 2 :Biggest ever price pool in history of Esports


Dota 2 price money is  over $20.77 million and counting, The International 2017 now has the largest prize pool of any esports event in history.

As of writing, the TI7 prize pool is sitting at $20,772,353, which is $1,893 higher than last year’s prize pool. According to Esports Earnings, The International has had the highest prize pool in esports four years in a row, dating back to TI4 in 2014. The only non Dota 2 event in the Top 10 prize pools is the 2016 League of Legends World Championship, which featured a $5.07 million prize pool.

The prize pool is made up of an initial $1.6 million contribution from Valve, while the rest comes from sales of the TI7 Battle Pass, the TI7 Collectors Cache and battle pass level purchases.

There is still over a month to go until crowd funding for the TI7 prize pool ends, which could put this year’s prize pool far ahead of last year’s. TI6 beat TI5 by over $2 million, and TI5 topped TI4 by over $7 million.

The TI7 group stage will begin on Aug. 2, and the main event will run through Aug. 12.

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