Dota 2 Ranking System update


Finally some good news to Dota 2 community who were extremely unhappy with current MMR system , valve has listened to our feedback and has rolled out all new dota 2 ranking update last evening . Get your facts right and understand how the new MMR works .

Image credits : Dota2 , valve 

Few days back we talked about  beginning of new ranking system and now its live and according to the new matchmaking system, there are now seven divisions, each with five levels.

You earn your medals of honor based on your game play and impact you have made on each game and your win rate and will be calibrated after 10 games .

Current Ranking system levels is as follows :

  • Herald – Tier 1 Rank
  • Guardian – Tier 2 Rank
  • Crusader – Tier 3 Rank
  • Archon – Tier 4 Rank
  • Legend – Tier 5 Rank
  • Ancient – Tier 6 Rank
  • Divine – Tier 7 Rank

Image credits : Dota2 , valve 

You will not lose your Season rank or decrease once you have owned it , and initial calibration of games will be added to your profile based on your previous MMR. Performance of both party games and solo games will be considered in calibrating the new ranking system , however solo matches will have greater impact , so stay strong don’t mess around and play your game . Ancient and Divine ranking can only be earned by solo performance.

The developers also expanded the table of the best players , which will now be presented by a large number of players. Holders of five stars in the division Divine will be placed in the table of players with the highest rating, next to the medal will be shown the place in the table.

As it was announced earlier, the first and subsequent rating seasons will last six months. The medal at the end of the season will remain in the game profile. All subsequent medals will also be displayed in the player’s profile along with previous achievements.

The size of the update: 151.7 MB

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