Dota 2 update as on 08/07/2017


In today’s patch, the developers updated the Windranger victory animation, fixed the main menu interface error and made other changes. The size of the patch: 23.7 MB (with Workshop Tools).


  • Updated visual effects of the scene, which will be used during the main stage The International 2017.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the news “New Players” in the main menu was not hidden when the quiz was active.

Other changes

  • Added new material to work with tools designed to display messages (statistics, facts) on the screen during the game. (Tools are still not available in the game.)
  • Slightly updated animations victory Windranger.
  • Added new console commands: dota_override_dire_team_logo, dota_override_dire_wins, dota_override_radiant_team_logo, dota_override_radiant_wins, dota_override_series_type, dota_play_custom_server, dota_play_custom_server_name.

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