Congratulations Team Liquid – Dream League Champions 2017


As the last competition before the long awaited International 2017, the finals of Dreamleague Season 7 saw some powerhouse groups go at it. In the last, in any case, everyone’s eyes fell on Planet Odd, once in the past Thunderbirds and some time ago Digital Chaos, to bring down Team Liquid who traveled their approach to fabulous finals with solid 2-0 completes over Vega Squadron and Planet Odd themselves, putting the North Americans in the lower section. In the lower section, Planet Odd confronted Team Secret a moment time—their first experience being in the upper section where Odd trounced Clement “Puppey” Ivanov’s squad—and rehashed their upper section execution, sending Secret home in third place.

Planet Odd, notwithstanding passing up a great opportunity for their opportunity to go to TI7 this year—having missed out to the recently stamped Cloud 9 and Digital Chaos in the North American Qualifier—concentrated hard against Liquid in overwhelming terrific finals, which went the distance to the last diversion.

Recreations one and two went for the North Americans, the two challenges enduring simply under a hour each. With two diversions added to their repertoire, Planet Odd appeared to be in a great position to take amusement three and the Dreamleague S7 champions title. Fluid, nonetheless, had different plans and pushed the pedal to the metal in amusement three, remaining buzzing with a madly snappy 18-minute triumph on the back of a Huskar.

In spite of the short triumph, Liquid were still on the precarious edge of disposal and a moment put wrap up. It would take a supernatural occurrence, truth be told, Amer ‘Wonder ” Al-Barkawi himself, on the Anti-Mage to grip out amusement four, with only 2k gold short of a 50k networth toward the finish of the diversion—in any event twofold the networth of any of Planet Odd’s conveys.

Not having any desire to bargain again with the Anti-Mage, Planet Odd lifted it up for themselves at the end of the day, yet detecting blood in the water, Liquid chose to get a move on at the end of the day with a quick rhythm lineup, which hampered Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok’s Anti-Mage enough to give them the 25 minute win, and the Dreamleague Season 7 Champions title.

With their solid execution even despite end, we hold up to perceive what else Liquid can convey to the table at the International 2017.

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