DreamLeague Season 7 : Who do you think can win it ?


Group Liquid and Team Secret are the main two groups out of the four at Dream League who will likewise be playing for the Aegis in Seattle in under two weeks.

In two weeks, the best 18 groups on the planet will battle it out for the greatest prize pool in e-sports history, also the glory that will join being delegated the seventh champion of The International. Be that as it may, we won’t be famished of Dota 2 activity till at that point, as there is as yet the little issue of DreamLeague Season 7 within reach. What’s regular in the two competitions ? (other than some great Dota 2 activity obviously) Team Liquid and Team Secret will be battling it out at the two occasions for matchless quality.

Dream League is a competition that doesn’t wander past the western world. The last LAN, which will be occurring in Atlanta, has three groups that have qualified from Europe and one from North America. Other than the two specified over, the competition will be including TI 6 sprinters up Planet Odd and overlooked CIS group Vega Squadron.

The prize pool for the competition is $175,000 disseminated as $80,000 for the lead position, $45,000 for second place, $30,000 for third and the fourth group winding up with $20,000. No group will be going home with next to nothing!

So why will the spotlight be on Liquid and Secret? The current Dota 2 fix is 7.06 e, which will be the one that Dream League will include and furthermore a similar one on which TI 7 will in all likelihood be played (unless Valve chooses to rattle ball and present another fix just before the greatest Dota 2 occasion). The occasion is a twofold edged sword for the two groups: Perform well and get an assurance help before TI 7 however then you chance uncovering begins and play styles to the 16 different groups having their eyes on you. Despite the fact that it won’t not appear a considerable measure for the greater part of us, proficient groups with their mentors and analysts can decode a ton based of what they break down.

On the off chance that you ask me, I’d say it is dependably to get some training before a major occasion. It will be fascinating to be perceived how the skippers, Kuro “Kuroky” Salehi Takhasomi and Clement “Puppey” Ivanov approach the occasion. It could likewise be a represent the moment of truth occasion for Planet Odd, who have had many baffling outcomes in the close past. With everything taken into account, it guarantees to be a short yet exciting occasion! The activity begins on the 21st July, 11 am EDT and the best of five thousand finals will be played at 16:15 EDT on the 22nd of July.

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