EG Fear to retire soon after this season


Clinton ‘Fear’ Loomis is a man who symbolizes the organization of Evil Geniuses. For the American team, he became a synonym for success, a player who managed to cope with personal problems and physical trauma and realize his main dream – to win at TI.

Back at the beginning of the current game year in the camp of the  EG after a hard season for last season’s team, Fear recently wrote a blog for In it, the famous American player finally explained in detail that he was motivated to abandon the post of coach and again to play for his own team.

eg fear

Win one TI – not enough. You only have a short time when you can be a professional cybersport, so if you can play, you should do it. I know many players. For someone, a victory in Seattle led to a decrease in motivation, I also had a new challenge.

I won The International as a Carry, now I have to do this as a support and a captain. In my opinion, these are completely different things. Now, instead of just playing a role well, I have to deal with the in-game management of my team and in general, develop a whole set of new qualities for me. This is really very interesting, my passion for the game has now played with new colours. Being a Carry, I realized at some point that everything turned into a routine: I knew what was required of me every single time – I had been a Carry for so long. The opportunity to occupy a new role and to be a captain has become my new incentive to play.

But the first thing I needed to cope with was injuries. Back in 2014, I had problems with the forearm, because of which it was painful for me to click on the mouse. By the end of the last, I played TI6 the pain was simply unbearable. The hand hurt the whole tournament, it partly affected my decision to “retire” and, as a consequence, take a coaching post. Last year, pain in the forearm became less – it was a big plus – but there were new problems. Recently, my thumb started to hurt, so my battle with injuries continues.

The period of coaching gave me the opportunity to look at the game in a new way and motivated me to play again on the pro-stage. Being a coach, I spent a lot of time in public and studied DotA, but at the same time, I sincerely missed the opportunity to play together with the team. I could not realize my ideas – it was very difficult. Moreover, just watching the actions of the guys from afar, too, did not satisfy me. Probably, this experience would be better, if then there were new rules for coaches, but at that time I could not be with the guys in the booths. All I could do then was train my players directly before the game and suggest something after the matches. I did not participate in the games themselves, so I could not survive all the relevant thrill during the competition. My favourite part of that work is to watch my ideas during the matches themselves, To realize whether they were successful or not. But I wanted to be among those who played.

At that time, I was often called a mentor for young players like EG Sumail and Arteezy, probably, so it was. When I instructed them, I tried not to focus on their individual performance, basically, I was just trying to imbibe them the mentality of the winner. For example, Arthur is a very talented player, together with him we tried to find a way that would allow our team to work together and win together. While I was a coach, I watched a lot of my players, for how they think, and I had a better understanding of how to create strategies, do drafts. Now this knowledge to me as it is impossible by the way.

Draft for me is a new and interesting process. You have to keep in mind a lot of things during the draft – this is very hard work, which both causes stress, and brings great pleasure. As a captain, I think it’s important to connect my teammates to this case in order to make the most optimal draft. I do not think that one player is able to perfect perfection without the help of partners and yet that they play perfectly on the chosen characters. For those who pique and ban the characters, it is important to learn how to filter the advice of players and make sure that all the proposed things are combined with each other. The balance between focusing on the strongest aspects of my player and implementing a common strategy is my main goal as a captain.

The transition from the position of the coach to the captain’s bridge was natural, but the change in the role in the game was hard for me. I had to learn a lot of things because in itself the transition to a new role – a global change. I was a player who received the largest number of pharmacies but became someone who does not receive it at all.I had to learn to hold the screen differently and rethink my position in the fights. Being a Carry, I kept the camera always on me, because I was at the centre of action all the time. Taking the position of the “thin” support, I have to stand farther from the epicentre, which means that I should keep the camera in a different way. Team fights became harder for me.

I knew that it would be difficult to move to the position of the “five”, I never thought that this is an easy role. Now I have to understand new abilities of heroes, how to position myself in a fight and what artifacts to buy. Playing a support, I can afford only one thing per game, so the choice should be really right.

One nice news after changing roles was a reduction in pain in the hand. It became easier for me, because now I play less, although I still spend a lot of time in the DotA. Now I watch more games of opponents, analyze ripple, etc., that is, I do not need to press the mouse button all the time. I do not need to play a huge amount of time because for this role the requirements for individual skills are slightly lower than for the co-player. The latter, of course, need to play a lot, since the pool of cows should be higher, they have more “buttons”, they need to think more often about different timings.

I still have a lot to learn, because I play a fundamentally new role only about two months. But I feel that the further, the better. I like how I progress and I know that I have to learn many more characters in the course of changing patches. Now I try to understand as many hard caps as I can because in Dota there are many heroes that I did not play as a professional. One of my personal goals on the pro-stage is to play on each hero from the pillbox so that an inner sense of “completeness” appears.

What does “completeness” mean to me? A really important goal for me now is to play well on my role and win tournaments. Winning on TI is the main goal because now the competition has become even tougher. Right now I want to win the Major and Minor tournaments, to become the dominant team. By the end of the year, I want to be part of one of the two most powerful teams in the world. Finish in the top 3 on TI would also be acceptable.

Moving forward to The International, you perform a combination of actions that will influence the future state of affairs. Players like me, who are on the threshold of “pre-retirement age,” will have to make an important decision on seasonalization of the season. I’ll ask myself: “Do I want to stop or should I continue playing?” This question has not yet been answered because I do not know how I will feel by the end of the year. Nevertheless, most likely I will leave the pro-stage. There is always a chance that I will continue to play, it all depends on many factors.

Maybe the pain in his hand will return. Maybe I can not get away from some defeats. And maybe I’ll understand that the next mountain I have to conquer is somewhere else. Meanwhile, my personal desires make me move on in this game.

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