Exclusive Interview with Infamous Timado how 16 year old made it to Ti7


In this exclusive interview with one of the youngest members of TI7: the 16-year-old Infamous Infodus Enzo ‘Timado’ Gianoli. Timado described how his career began, described the impressions of the game on The International, expressed an opinion on the position of the mider in this patch and even shared his musical preferences.

Infamous left early The International 2017, but Timado managed to get a lot of fans. How? First, this is a sincere interview , where he told how he wants to represent the native South American region with dignity. Secondly, a sweet episode with a t-shirt Na`Vi , which he brought with him to the playoff game. Thirdly, the day after the departure Timado joined the English-speaking analysts and showed himself very worthy. But after all – to repeat – only 16. 

Hello! Let’s start from the very beginning – I heard that you watched every TI,  starting with The International 2011, right?

Hey. Yes, I was then 10 years old I did not know anything about the proscenium, I did not have a clue about a meteor or tumbler. In the old blog Dota 2 you could watch TI in three versions, with English, Russian commentators and generally without them. I then knew little English, so I looked without commentators, just watched the characters farm. It was great to know that there was Dota 2 with good graphics.

So, you played in Dota Allstars?

Yes, I played Dota 1 with my dad, with the patch … er … there was not Botla yet, and Dugger had a 30 second cooldown. Dad loves games no less than me – he went to the LAN cafe with friends, played in Quake, SC: Broodwar, WC3, Age of Empires, and I watched him. Now he plays much less often, still he is already 46 and he has other worries. But it was he who revealed to me the world of video games.

You started playing in Dota 2 CPA Dhu after its release?

Yes, I received a beta key in February 2012. Look, even the post is preserved , lol.

Oh, I see your comment at the very bottom. That’s how it all began, then. When did you realize that you can become a pro-player?

Somewhere closer to TI5. Then I took 5k and played NEL [note: inhouse-league] every day. It was a patch of  Shadow Fiend, as far as I can remember. SF,  Lesh, Lina.

as well as Storm and Queen of Pain .

Yes, well, I’m not a fan of the Storm. I was noticed because of my Shadow Fiend and QoP. I would say that my five favorite heroes are SF,  QoP, Mirana, Magnus and Puck.

Tell as tech formed gorge s coc Tav nfamous .

In fact, I was never close to Peru. I did not like her for many reasons. I played Team Freedom with  ixmike88 and  BananaSlamJamma, we took the 4th place in the qualifications for Kiev Major,  and our contract ended. South America in this tournament just for the first time received a separate slot, and he left SG-esports. After the major was decided, I received offers from tier-2 American teams and a couple from Peru, but I chose Infamous. They promised me a salary (they did not pay anyone else). We played together for several months, lost a lot of qualifications – it was difficult time – and closer to TI changed  S word On Kingteka.

Wait, so did you become the only one who was paid a salary in Infamous?

It seems that yes. It was a small organization, they stopped paying salaries because of unimportant results. But they began to pay me – not much, more to show their special attitude towards me, something like that.

As far as I know, none of you had the experience of playing big tournaments, such as Major, ESL and so on (except Accel ?

Yes, we played only in the finals of different qualifications, and Accel was able to get to the Major. Some of us also were in China at WESG.

So, you arrive at  TI as an inexperienced player on the big stage of the team. Describe the first impressions from the moment of arrival and to the beginning of the groove stage. 

When we arrived, it was very pleasant: they treated us as important, meaningful people, they called us full names. Everything was as I imagined. We went to the hotel – he did not impress us too much, since we already stopped at Marriot in China – but it was still very good. What really excites us is the places for training, everything is very good, food is everywhere, the rooms are very comfortable. I remember when the first match started, an administrator came to our room and took the phones. I thought: “wow, everything is so serious – well, yes, I’m on The International, lol.”

Did the others feel the same? You said recently (I will quote): “The guys from my team thought that they would not learn anything new, that they knew how to play this game. They are good players by themselves, but TI opened their eyes to them, they began to speak: “My God, everything is so cool here”. They descended from heaven to earth. 

Players of the American scene as a whole are very selfish, they do not want to learn from others, do not respect anyone. When we won the place on TI, everyone joked   “hah, light top 6 if we play normally”, and then we met with teams that are far ahead of us, in every aspect of the game. Maybe, from the point of view of mechanics, we were not weak, but in the draft, the understanding of the game, the movements … After the first two series of the group stage, everyone sat puzzled: “Hell, why so difficult!”

There was a day when you finished with 0-6.

Yes, every team had a day when the matches were especially difficult. For us, this afternoon was the second, we met with LGD, Liquid and TNC. With  TNC, we still competed, but LGD and Liquid simply destroyed us. We just dropped our hands – we did not know what to do at all. You understand that the game will end in 10 minutes, but there’s nothing you can do about it – they just have a better draft, better strategy.

It’s like slowly drowning.

Yes, that’s what it’s like to play against top teams. We realized that we will not be able to defeat them even if we play at maximum, so we decided to take the card from TNC, defeat Fnatic 2-0 and play well against

You said that your game improved when you returned to the “old style”. What is this old style?

On qualifications we played 8-0, building a game around me. I was picked up by QoP,  Viper,  Lina,  and I just farmed and stayed with the enemy 1 to 1. On TI in the middle came almost everything, every game I burned manu Nyx, and we had to abandon our game model. I could not play on QoP and Lina,
kept going to the ban all the time. I was given heroes of a different type – Puck, Mirana, and they set up a triple against me. I could not finish off five creeps, I died several times and tried to return to the game. After losing so 6-7 games, I suggested to the team to give me leute heroes again. I came up with the idea to open a draft with EarthshakerAnd
Phantom Lancer – Shaker is the strongest contender of Lanceru, and PL himself is good in the lane and stands well on the line. So we were able to beat IG.Vitality.

And then  OG cleaned your Lancer with the first ban.

I was very surprised, I coached the  PL in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the pubs, and then saw  to ak n0tail strums seyfleyn-Lancer with negreyzhennym boot, Botlikh and rapid diffusion, and copied it itembild. Then I tell my teammates – “look, even n0tail spills Lancer, this is a good hero!” And then I play against OG and they bang it It’s funny.

Deserved Respect Ban.

Yes, many did not understand why OG banned PL – it was one of their best heroes! It’s as if
Liquid banned KotL.

Imagine that you could go back in time and play again with OG. What would you change?

I, by the way, had the opportunity to talk with ana right after that game, met him near our bootcamp. I talked to him about the match, Doty as a whole. It turned out that they were preparing for our Viper, you still can not take Viper at the first peak, especially against a team that knows how to play against it. We should have prepared something dirty against OG , like MK in the middle. I spent the whole night preparing for that game, watching  OG replays We have banned the right heroes, but, perhaps, it would be better if we tried to prepare our strategy, and not to counter them.

By the way, I’m with  ana .

GH is popular.

 Boboka, too but this is just a drop in the sea of ​​Kor-players. For example, all praise the Resolution, but in my opinion the game Empire did Ghost1k and RodjER. Reso did what he had to do. I know what it’s like – it happens that I calmly farm, I get into a fight, I kill a couple of heroes, the fans are delighted – and I do not understand what’s wrong. I did the whole game, what do you want from me? And over some kind of Razor with Pipe of Insight laugh.

I remember how some doubted n0tail when he had to sacrifice a farm for Miracle sake .

You see what’s the matter – talented in micro players thousands, but smart units. I can name 5-10 players who are better than n0tail on his role, stronger on  TB, AM , etc. But the mood of n0tail, his ability to play in a team – this you will not find anywhere else. Therefore, such qualities are much appreciated.

You said that at TI you were hard pressed in the middle. Are you satisfied with the current Midlane role?

Hell no. Mead is shit now, I do not even want to go to the mid-even in the pub. Because of the additional creep, now you can not let the middle be dominated, so now there is always a minimum of doubles. If you look closely at the movements of the GH, you can see that it is always near the middle, even if there is no threat from the enemy. So it was with me against MidOne, YapzOr sat next to him both games, even Puppey came. And I really could not beat MidOne – they just wanted to provide him with an ideal line.

And since mid has to guard both teams, the dub becomes a triple, there are Lich,
, etc. That’s why now they are less likely to take Sand King and Clockwerk – they are more aggressive heroes than defensive ones.

Interesting. And if you could somehow fix the situation in the middle of the next patch, what would you do?

I would have changed the distribution of experience, I would have made it so that the creep is 90% away – so that the support in the middle will be far behind in level . Now at the expense of Denis, two players are always in positive territory compared to one. Therefore, the same as popular Lich, he kills aggression and winning line.

You also told many interesting things in the analyst’s room. Thought to try myself in this role after the player’s career?

I still have a lot of time to decide what I will do after my career. I like to speak and talk if I’m invited again – I’m just for it. Very few in Peru are interested in sharing their thoughts about the game, talking about drafts, movements, etc. – so I was very happy to meet Merlini and  Pajkatt, in this we are like them.

You have a VK account and you even try to write in Russian. On your sympathy for the CIS somehow influenced by Dendi? You even took his T-shirt with you to the playoffs.

Do not believe me, I’m his biggest fan. I have long liked the Russians; I know that  Dendi is from Ukraine, but in 2012-2013 I imitated his broken English, I liked this manner of his. Recently I came across a company of little-known Russian streamers on tweets, they liked me, we started talking and I started VK. They showed me Russian rap – it’s a really cool thing, Face, Pharaoh. I have not had time to listen to it yet. 

Then name your favorite artists.

Kanye West, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, The Cure, Asap Rocky …

The Cure, seriously? Suddenly.

Yes, and The Killers, The Strokes all with ‘the’`: D I listen to different music depending on what I’m doing. Rap for Dota, indie – when I’m sad. I also liked to listen to classics for studying.

Well, at last – tell me something special about your team, that you want to be sick for it.

I think the coolest thing about our team is that we are real friends. Every day on the bootcamp, before we go to sleep, we share stories, talk. They are like brothers to me; Maybe they are not the best teammates, but they are great people with whom you can spend time outside the game, share life problems and so on.

Such teams usually achieve a lot.

Yes We, of course, can also change the line-up: yes, we are friends, and it helps a lot, but the game still needs to be treated professionally. For us, this is work, and it remains work.

Thank you very much for the interview, it was very pleasant to talk! We wish you the best in the upcoming matches.

Thank you too!


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