Fear: Coaching is the best thing to do after the game itself


On the eve of the main tournament of the year, the spiritual leader of the American team Evil Geniuses Clinton ‘Fear’ Loomis in an interview told about how he finished his career as a player and began his career as a coach. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the short version of the interview to cybersport.com.

eg fearimage courtesy : ESL

“It’s been about a year since you retired.” You won TI5 and participated in TI6. Was it your only goal at TI6 to become the only two-time champion?

– Yes, all that year I tried to become one of the first who will win TI twice . I seriously thought about ending my career after The International 2015 , because I had problems with my hand. It was hard to stay for another year, as I was not sure what I would do next: I’ve been a player all my life.

– You say that the motivation was stronger than anything else. What was the motivation to win TI5?

– In my opinion, the motivation and mode of training – things are very, very individual. Everyone has his own understanding of motivation. Some people are motivated by persistent training and work on their own game. Others – the need to win the tournament, and it’s more in the mood than in the preparation.

Of course, you need both, and more. As for my training schedule, I always revisited my own games, even pubs. I studied how I play, and I wanted my individual game to be level, because I played the bark position, and in this role, individual actions are more important – early game, interception of creeps, etc. – while the support is required to delve into the game, to bring all the rules together and coordinate the movement on the map.

In this regard, I practiced a lot, and I also worked on what kind of heroes I choose. I continued to draft and peaks, but the first was more important for me. The motivation came from the fact that I could not play a year earlier. Naturally, I wanted to play, looking at what success the others had achieved. I needed confidence that next year I will play, and the results will be no worse than last year. I would not want to become the reason for this.

team evil genius

image courtesy : valve  

– What, in your opinion, has changed in the role of carry? You talked a lot about travel, and, as you know, the towers recently cut their armor heavily, so that split-pushes have become much more important. We saw how n0tail in the role of a carry took Visage simply then to skip the line, sending out the birds. EG has done this before, but now, of course, the effect of this is much stronger. How did this affect the game? Carry – is this a “one against nine” situation, or do you need more coordination on the lines?

– In my opinion, in the position of the kerry, and in “Dot” as such, the specificity of the teams has become more important now. For each role, the team has become more significant, as far as the capabilities of the individual player are concerned.

Earlier, perhaps, Kerry could play a “one against nine”, but since then many patches and updates, and many teams have become smarter refer to the draft, and some items are much harder to pull the whole game. Simply due to how Valve changed the mechanics of the game, the supporters for no reason began to receive much more gold than before. Because Kerry earlier and could play “against all”, was much less across the map resources, tech support could kill at once, and then another. Now they are all well nafarmleny, and each specific support is not easy to kill.

The game has changed so much that it becomes very difficult for an individual player to take it under control. If he succeeds, then most often because his team has created conditions for this. I would say, “one against nine” does not exist anymore.

– Do you like this change?

– It definitely has a good effect on the game. Previously, in my opinion, the fourth and fifth positions were not very attractive for players, and this, in my opinion, reduced the people’s desire to play in DotA. When you join the game, and the positions on which people want to play, only one or two, on the strength of three, the game community is not very inspiring, after all, off-line was previously unattractive. It used to be that you had the 2nd level in the seventh minute. Only two roles were really interesting to play.

So it attracts more players to DotA. Any role in the current “Dot” can drag the game. You can take Enigma off -line. And in the fourth position, take and become MVP . These positions are tempting for the players. But for the sake of it it is necessary to weaken slightly other roles. People think: “This is Dota 2 , you’re kerry, you’re our first,” but in many teams, the cortex is now playing a supporting role, because Dota 2 is evolving in a direction where hard-kerry is no longer as effective.

– Now you’re a coach. Is it real for you to ever leave EG and become a mentor for all the new players on stage?

– Oh, I would like the North American Dota to come to success. I do not have a strong interest to actively promote universal success, I prefer to help a particular team. This is more useful not only for myself, but it’s also difficult for me to imagine how I would make a living, helping to grow all the players in the region. It is better to specialize each time on the same team. In general, this contributes to the growth of the whole scene, so that’s enough for me.

– How do you cope with the defeats? I know of several approaches. In Mushi, for example, the method is usually this: “We are all in the room, no one will get out of here until we figure out why they lost.” Other teams take a break, give wounds heal, and after a while come back and win. Do you have any experience with these methods? Which one do you think is better?

– Personally, it seems to me that everything depends on the severity of the defeat and on the characters of individual players. If someone after the defeat is very worried, it would be of little use to sit down with him immediately in the room and discuss the problem, it will not give anything especially, and everything will only get worse. Except in the case when a person constantly refuses to talk about this – that, of course, the problem is – at some point he will calm down, and it will become easier to convey to him what is wrong, without momentary emotions.

It is also important that there are no quarrels during the game.

– You do not play anymore – but do you plan to remain a coach forever? Does coaching work out some kind of game itch?

– For the most part, coaching is the best thing to do after the game itself. Very pleased to see how the guys are successful, give them advice and guidance. I do not think that in the current e-sports, the role of the coach gives stability, unless you prefer to be more of an analyst, so it’s unclear what I’ll do in the future in a year or three. I do not know exactly which way to go, but now I like to stay in EG .

There are many options, but the most important thing for me is that these guys get it right. At first, some doubts were due to the fact that in one team there are so many talented players who, perhaps, are the best in the world, but separately. Everyone thought that because of this there will be problems.

But in the future, it seems to me, after this year the team will no longer need any mentors from outside.

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