Frostivus Festival Is BACK


frostivus 2017

image credits: valve

The Frostivus Festival

  • The event will last until January 2, 2018.
  • During the event, eight players compete in 10 mini-games. In all, there are 32 different mini-games in the event.
  • In the chest of The Frostivus 2017, there are 21 sets.
  • For three wins in a rating or regular game, the player will receive one free treasure.

Its quite easy to win at least one set as of now, win either a ranked or unranked game to win your first random set. We won a lone druid set, quite happy with it 🙂

  • On the main page, the visual theme on Frostivus is updated.
  • The Frostivus Festival button is added to the game search tab.
  • Added Frostivus 2017 tag in cosmetic items.
  • Fixed a typo in the chat channels with Qumbec on Quebec.
  • A notification has been added to the new treasury.
  • Fixed a description of  Death Ward’s ability.
  • Fixed a typo when creating a lobby from the Specator to the Spectator.
  • For a number of secondary abilities of the characters, the animation was added (for example, for the return of  X Marks The Spot).

Happy Holiday Dota Fanatics !!

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