The International 2017 Results


A few minutes ago the grand finale of The International 2017 was completed. The last two weeks, the 18 best teams of the world on Dota 2 fought for a record for the e-sports tournament prize fund of $ 24,633,871. 


Unfortunately, the western audience, most of the favorites did not perform well. One of the first to fly from the world championship, the fans of the American public  Evil Geniuses – the team suffered two defeats in a row from   NewBee and the dark horses of the Empire tournament  and could not even enter the top-8. On the 9-12th place, Team Secret also stopped  , which could not cope with the main competitors.

Perhaps the most insecure game in the playoffs were noted  OG – from the group the team only went to the bottom grid with statistics 9-7. Even in the won match with  TnC , cautious actions were traced, and Tal Eisik’s team looked very pale. As a result of the top-8: take a rematch against the Filipinos and improve the result in 2016 succeeded, but already in the next game OG flew out of the tournament.

The result of the CIS region is considered by many to be quite good:  Team Empire , although they were forced to make a substitution, managed to adapt to  Resolut1on in time  and managed to knock out the tournament of American grandees   Cloud 9 and  Evil Geniuses , taking 7-8th place. Virtus.Pro could not claim the highest places, but they showed a fairly strong game and, together with  Liquid, they forced at least some struggle against the Chinese. 

Hardly anyone before the start of the tournament could assume that the Chinese region weakened in this season will show such a result – four of the five teams of the Celestial Empire were in the top grid and took seats in the top 6. Immediately in several decisive games in the last days of the tournament, we watched the derby between the Chinese teams. Stronger than others showed themselves  NewBee , who outplayed favorites iG and LFY .

It was unexpectedly difficult to confront professionals from the East: only  Liquid Team did it (and not at the first attempt). The final six also squeezed Virtus.Pro due to a confident victory over  LGD Gaming , but it was the Europeans who could not only win five wins in a row, but also knock out several representatives of the Celestial Empire before the grand finale.

In the decisive series of Kuro and the company did not leave any rivals a chance – for the first time in the history of the tournament, we saw 3-0 in the Grand Final of the World Cup. In some games, the European team was inferior to NewBee in the course of the card, but invariably restored parity and brought the matter to success. Of course,  Liquid deserved this victory.

team liquid

Image courtesy : team liquid


Results of the tournament:

  • 1st place – Team Liquid ($ 10,794,903);
  • 2nd place – NewBee ($ 3,925,419);
  • 3rd place – LGD Forever Young ($ 2,576,056);
  • 4th place –  LGD Gaming ($ 1,717,371);
  • 5-6 place – Invictus Gaming /  Virtus.Pro (at $ 1,104,024);
  • 7-8th place –  OG /Team Empire (at $ 613,347);
  • 9-12th place –  Team Secret /  Evil Geniuses / Digital Chaos / TnC (at $ 368,008);
  • 13-16th place –  Execration / Cloud 9 / Infamous / IG.Vitality (at $ 122,669);
  • 17-18 place –  HellRaisers / Fnatic (for $ 61,335).

Like any tournament of the series, The International 2017 was noted by several other events, contests and announcements. For example, this year for the first time a show-match was played with a prize fund, and the five winners won $ 100,000 immediately  .

dota 2 all star match up

Results of the show:

  • 1st place – Team Radiant ( RAMZES666, Suma1L, s4, BoBoKa, KuroKy);
  • 2 nd place – Team Dire  (n0tail, Miracle,Universe, kaka, Solo).

Another show-match was a surprise for every Key-Arena spectator. Within one of the play-off days, a self-learning bot was presented, which played one on one on  Shadow Fiend against one of the most popular players in Dota 2 – Dendi .

Details of this match

The latest tournaments of the series The International can not do without the announcement of the characters. This year, Valve surpassed all expectations and presented two completely new characters at once. While it is completely unclear what roles each of them will perform, but the details will certainly not keep you waiting.

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