KuroKy the richest cybersportsman in the world


Today, the resource esportsearnings.com updated the data on prize-winning cybersports in accordance with the completed International 2017. It is logical that all players of Team Liquid after winning ten million entered the top ten.

On the first place of the updated rating is the captain of the team  Kuro Salehi ‘KuroKy’ Tahasomi, who even before TI7 won more than a million prize money. Now the amount of the prize money received for all time is $ 3,355,911 . In second place – Amer ‘Miracle’ Barkavi with a result of  $ 2,931,389 . On the third line, veteran  EG Saahil ‘Universe’ Arora ( $ 2,900,524 ) continues to hold  , although at the last The International earned only $ 73,601 .

richest player in esports

As for the CIS players, after a successful tournament they improved their positions, although they are still far from the top. So, the first millionaire of the region is ready to become  Resolut1on , if it receives at least part of the prize-winning  Team Empire ; At the moment he has 44th place and  $ 990,273 (without taking into account TI7 ). Ilya  ‘Lil’ Iljuk rose to 61st place  , which already earned $ 731,136 for three seasons and lags behind  Dendi (60th place) by only four thousand.

Solo, with an updated $ 474,420, moved to 111th place and became the richest Russian cybersportsman. Just behind his teammates on  Virtus.Pro . At the same time, the earnings of  Team Empire (for many guys this is the first serious prize) is not so impressive yet –  fn takes 363 place ( $ 166,156 ),   Miposhka ( $ 162,232 ) – 371. 

After the end of The International 2017, only one representative of Dota 2 remains in the top 50 of the world’s richest cyber sportsmen – the legendary player in LoL  Faker earned $ 1,049,272 (39th place) for his career  .

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