LODA is back : Returns to Alliance after Ti7


The Alliance’s co-owner Jonathan Loda Berg returns to the team as a captain after a pause in his cybersport career. This is reported by the official website of the organization.

jonathan loda

The player left the team before qualifying for The International 2017 , but will return to collect a new line-up. He reports this on the organization’s website. The former Kerry also reported on a possible change in the role, for better coordination in the team.

In contrast to the previous year, Jonathan is going to slowly come to the choice of players for the new lineup for everyone to be comfortable playing with each other, because Alliance is primarily a family, not a stack, gathered solely for the sake of victories.

Why am I still here? Well, it’s probably a cliché, but because of many of you. A trip to Peru reminded me that I’m doing this because of you (Viva La Peru!). It reminded me that the eSports I found was damn delicious – and it’s the fault of those of you who were with me from the very beginning: the guy who grabbed my arm and offered to play 10 years ago; the guy who tattooed the logo [A] ; even an idiot who asked to ask s4 if he remembers Dream Coil for a million!
At the same time the team is leaving the last two players of the past – Era and Pablo .

The current composition of The Alliance:

  • Jonathan ‘Loda’ Berg
  • ??
  • ???
  • ????
  • ?????

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