New rating system: what has changed?


Recall, literally two days ago in Dota 2 was introduced a new rating system . We figured out what has changed in MMR games and how this will affect the gameplay in the next six months.


Now your level of play in Dota 2 is shown by numbers, and special icons. Seven different divisions, from the Herald to Divine, include five levels. The system was decided to move closer to Counter-Strike, and the worn-out matchmakers even rejoiced at such changes (although CS: GO players, on the contrary, often expressed their desire to switch to a digital analogue of the rating).

However, in our case, Valve simply hid the rating value in the Statistics section. That is, in fact, the numbers have remained, and it is on them will continue to target the players, given the misunderstanding of the system divisions. Of course, the icon of the highest figure in the season and the place in the rating for the owners of Divine will add aesthetic beauty to the game, but, in fact, in the mechanics of selecting players will not change anything.

In social networks, by the way, an interesting tablet of the player’s division and the boundaries of his rating appeared. We suggest checking:


If it is correct, then it can be seen that the developers did not much bother to divide the divisions – all seven are distinguished by 840 rating points, and 5000 and 8000 MMR now do not distinguish anything. Except, of course, places in the ranking.

Curiously, a survey of players (more than 500 respondents) on Reddit shows a slightly different situation – sometimes people of different ratings have the same rank, and vice versa, you can meet both Legend and Herald by 3000 MMR. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of respondents with their results confirm the table above. With what such serious deviations are connected – it is not clear yet.

In general, top results will now remain in history:

  • Fnatic.Abed – 10,025;
  • Secret.MidOne – 10,015;
  • VP.RAMZES666 – 10 011;
  • EG.Arteezy – 10 010;
  • VG.Paparazi – 9,875;
  • SmAsH – 9 766;
  • Saksa- 9,620;
  • Immortals.Forev – 9,373;
  • Liquid.MATUMBAMAN – 9,373;
  • NewBee.Kaka – 9,361.

For example,  RAMZES666 got a little less than 7000 MMR as a result of the new calibration, and  Miracle became the leader of the new table  with a total of 7200 ratings.

More and more users are disappointed in the new system. Firstly, the search engine of the game has not been practically changed – and group games only increase the possibilities of abus. Neither search by roles, nor additional measures to improve matchmaking, we did not see (at least, the developers did not report on them).

Seasons are not as expected as users – they are too dependent on the previous results of the player, and the replacement of the numerical rating for divisions has not yet unambiguously found support.

In addition, skepticism added bugs at the start of the season and problems with calibration. A common mistake is that the Herald is displayed in the profile before the calibration is over . Some players suddenly got too low ratings, and qualifying games also raise questions.

And how do you like the new rating?

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