Patch 7.07 Rebirth of All New Powerful Medusa


Medusa was absent from Dota 2 scene for a very long time. The hero was so unpopular that he had a pick rate of about 5% in public, so this is quite a pleasant surprise for the community, because now it can often be seen in public, only because of patch 7.07

New Split Shot

We all know  Medusa can easily win the game if he gets enough time to farm, but getting enough space for the hero has always been a problem. The last patch has made it possible that the hero had some advantages in the early game.

The Medusa – Split Shot ability is now a passive ability that does full damage to the target. The total amount of damage dealt changed from 400% to 325% of the Medusa attack , but its ability to focus one target was clearly improved.

Secondary targets now receive less damage, and the number of these targets has decreased, but the damage to the target you want to focus specifically has increased. Very rarely the heroes of the enemy team stood side by side against Medusa , so such changes are only for the better.

New talents

Oh wait , Medusa also received a change in the talent tree apart from new split shot ability. These changes has had  a very big impact on not just winning the game but killing your opponents momentum , as most of the new talents are direct buffs, unlike the previous ones.

Lets talk about  her first talent,  at level 10, you get  a choice between 12% of the dodge and 25 damage, where the latter is the most obvious choice in most games as you can see the win rate is + 4.6 % than the evasion. It again depends on what you want to make out the hero a tanky boss or a assassin with whopping damage.

At level 15,  now she receives 30 attack speed units instead of 20, which were in patch 7.06 . The alternative to talent was 15% of additional mana abduction from Mystic Snake .

At level 20, now gives 800 mana instead of 500. Also, you can now take +2.5 seconds of the duration of the Stone Gaze, which also can play into the hands of some matches where you need to endure any abilities of enemy heroes. Finally at level 25, which previously gave +1 seconds to the duration of Stone Gaze or 25% of Lifestyle, now gives 7 additional targets for Split Shot . This is quite handy when you want to push your opponent to the ground. The second option is talent, which allows the ability of Split Shot to use all attack modifiers.

Attack modifiers on all targets makes  Medusa an her the biggest  problem in late game scenario. The hero can now hit multiple targets with Eye of Skadi and MKB , and heal 81.25% of his damage with Satanic . The benefit from the Unholy Rage ability ( Satanic’s active ability ) grows to 650% of the damage during the duration of the ability.

Summing up MEDUSA can be a CRAZY CARRY until shes nerfed in next patch

The new  Medusa  is a hero who farm faster thanks to the recycling of talents and the ability of Split Shot , has a greater potential at the beginning of the game due to extra attack speed and talent damage, and is a very big problem at the end of the game, due to talents from level 20 and higher.At level 25, it’s often possible to kill a character only under a disable, or else its vampirism will allow you to draw a fairly large amount of damage.

The hero is gradually approaching a win rate of 54% in games of 3000-5000 MMR, with a significant sinking to 45% in 5000+ games, where the pace is too high to fully reveal the potential of the hero.

MOM ( Mask of madness ) had its own benefits to farm faster in Pro Dota 2 Leagues and get on to rampage with luxury items like butterfly and satanic and off-course with manta she becomes such a pain in late games.The hero is very strong, if some criteria for this are met. She still has problems against  Anti-Mage or Nyx Assassin , he also needs constant care if he is in the middle and constant fear of gank from other lane. If you can pull off hand of midas by atleast 8 mins , its going to be difficult to stop her after 30 min mark .

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