Patch Update : Dota 2 October Bug Fix


In the new update Dota 2 on October 9, developers once again fixed a bug with the passive ability of the Phantom Lancer – Phantom Rush.

List of changes:

  • Fixed a bug with Phantom Rush ‘s  Phantom Lancer ability .

Update size: 50.6 MB (with  Workshop  Tools ).

Previously, Valve had already eliminated the bug associated with this ability, but after a while the Reddit user  found another way to implement the bug using the patrol mode.

Reddit users have repeatedly claimed that such a mechanic Phantom Rush existed for a long time. However, the developers drew attention to it only after the abusive bug during the  match between Newbee and LGD Gaming.

  • Added a new type of match – “Obsolete low priority” .

One has only to guess what Valve mean. Perhaps, developers are considering the possibility of moving from an old low-priority system to a new one, or completely replacing it with something else.

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