Results of the Third Day of the International


A few hours ago, another play day of the playoffs of the tournament in Seattle ended. On August 9, two participants of the final of the top grid were determined, as well as the last teams of the top-8.


Revenge of OG last year

Despite the fact that OG looked to the head above their rivals TnC , “curse” heavy weight hung on the European five. In fact, that the Filipinos can again knock them out with The International , it seems, they believed themselves green – during the two cards the guys acted cautiously and even slightly stiffly. At some point, TnC was able to take advantage of this and seize the advantage, but the skill of OG  played a decisive role. The victory on the class 2: 0 .

The International remains without American teams

If yesterday’s departure  EG was a real shock for the public in the Ki-Arena, then no one hoped for the last team of the New World in the confrontation with the formidable  LGD – about the words of those present, the hall even more supported the Chinese team. The miracle did not happen: the last 10000 MMR player could not pull out his team, and  LGD Gaming confidently go further. 

Chinese Derby

The most colorful match of the day was the confrontation between  IG and  NewBee for the right to reach the final. All three cards really turned out very tense; With fine timfaytami, steep actions and sharp upheavals. Each of the three cards lasted more than 35 minutes, which is very long for this TI drawing . The winners eventually came out  NewBee , which will definitely fall into the top 3 tournaments. 

Virtus.Pro – the first misfire

Those who appeared alone against the three Chinese teams, with the strain of “bears” could not cope. Against the backdrop of a fairly confident game from LFY, the Russian five looked paler and made quite a few mistakes. The second card was a little brighter, but it was not possible to impose the fight. In the grand final will be at least one team from China, and  VP will meet with the winner of the match  Liquid – Empire .

Schedule for August 10

Tomorrow will be played three games of the lower grid, and the game day will close the show-match for $ 100,000 . In the first two matches, two teams will be determined, which will stop at the top-8.

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