ROG masters Open Qualifiers Sign Up Now : Closes in few days !


Attention to all the teams from Europe, the Middle East or Africa, CIS: you only  have less than a week to go to register for the ROG Masters EMEA open qualifier dont get flown away with the International 😀

This implies in case you’re from a nation without a particular nation qualifier (recorded on the ROG Masters site), or you simply missed your nation’s occasion, the general EMEA qualifier is for everybody from the more noteworthy area.

The victor of the EMEA qualifier will progress to confront the open qualifier champs from the EMEA nation qualifiers in an online local qualifier. The triumphant group from the territorial qualifier will progress to the disconnected local last.

Every one of these qualifiers pave the way to the last objective – the disconnected Grand Finals in November. This is quite recently the initial step on that street. Counting EMEA, four disconnected territorial finals will be held to locate the best groups the world over for the Grand Finals.

Prepared to battle for your area on the worldwide stage? Join here!

More info about the tournament can be found here.

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