Team Kinguin breaks into Dota 2 scene!


The Kinguin organization presented its new composition to Dota 2 community. Together with this announcement, an intro-video  about the new five was presented , which will perform under the banner of “penguins” .

team penguin


The new composition of  Team Kinguin  was the ex-  Singularity . After the roster in the discipline of Dota 2was closed, the collective continued to act under the tag “Let’s Do It” with slight changes . In May 2017, players were able to pass open qualifications for the EPICENTER 2017 CIS-Europe Qualifier and the composition was signed by the Danish Singularity organization . In August 2017, the composition left the club and to this day played independently.

Do we have enthusiasts here Dota 2 ? Fans of penguins, meet the newly formed   Team Kinguin . Fins in motion and we are waiting for your standing ovation.  More about the guys from . Creative success, gentlemen! TI8 is waiting 🙂

The current Team Kinguin team for Dota 2:

  • Pavel ‘Patos’ Narugević
  • Nathan ‘Exotic_Deer’ Mikhalevich
  • Michal ‘Nisha’ Jankowski
  • Yakub ‘kacor’ Kotsjan
  • Rafal ‘eL lisasH’ Voichik

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