Timado Left Infamous – joining Navi ??


Peruvian Enzo “Timado” Gianoli resigned from the strongest team in South America, winning more than one hundred thousand dollars in prize money on The International 2017.

timado infamous

As part of the strongest team in South America there were changes: Enzo “Timado” Gianoli announced his departure from the organization. The player wished his former teammates luck and said that he was ready for the start of the new season, but did not specify in which team he would continue his career. About who will take the vacant place in Infamous , there is no news yet.

On the past The International 2017 Infamous  did not achieve much success by playing just one match on the stage of the “Ki-arena”: the representative of South America lost to OG in the first round of the lower grid and left the tournament. The team from Peru shared the penultimate place with Cloud9 , iG.Vitality and  Execration , having received more than one hundred thousand dollars in prize money.

timado infamous

Reshuffle in Dota 2 will continue for about four weeks (official information from Valve about the timing of the transfer window yet).

Current Members Infamous

  • Benjamín ” Benjaz ” Lanao Barrios
  • Renato ” Kingteka ” Garcia
  • Farith ” Matthew ” Puente
  • Christian ” Accel ” Cruz

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