Update of Dota 2 from 08/09/2017


In today’s patch, the developers added a vote for the best player of the match, corrected problems with the results of in-game predictions and made other changes. The size of the patch: 101.1 MB (with Workshop Tools).

dota 2 update

TI7 Battle Pass

  • The TI7 matches in the compendium now have MVP data. Soon it will be possible to vote for the best player of the match.


  • The panel with news of Trove Carafe in the main menu is moved above the panel with the blog.
  • The work of the shadows during the draft in the interface of the scene has been slightly changed.

Other changes

  • New materials have been added to work with tools designed to output messages (statistics, facts) to the screen during the game. Fixed minor problems with the interface.
  • Fixed problems with the results of in-game predictions.
  • A new console command has been added: sv_dota_save_games.
  • The console command was deleted: ar_test_camera_hack.

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