Update The Dueling Fates will be released in ten days


Valve promised to release the update of The Dueling Fates on November 1. In the global patch we are waiting for two new heroes and a number of changes in the mechanics of the game.

In the official Twitter account Dota 2 there was a record with the announcement of the exact date of the global update called The Dueling Fates. Valve promise to update the game client on November 1.

Recall that in the long-awaited patch we are waiting two new heroeswith the alleged names Sylph & Zorro Armadilo and a number of changes in mechanics, and specifically rumors of changes in the tree of talents. In addition to all this, the community is waiting for serious changes in matchmaking and considers this the main problem in the decline in the popularity of the game.

It is worth to clarify that the global update of Dota 2 is scheduled for November 1, and exactly one day later the minor Dota PIT Leauge Season 6 tournament will begin , where 300 qualifying points will be drawn up for The International 2018 and $ 300,000 .

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