Valve allowed anyone wishing to stream official tournaments


The Saturday morning began with pleasant to many spectators, and unpleasant to some news studios. Valve finally allowed to stream their tournaments to any willing streamer. However, at the same time they introduced several conditions for unofficial streamers.

Image Courtesy : Steam 

Valve  published a whole blog about the innovation:

While we are preparing for the numerous upcoming tournaments, there are various disputes about who really should be streaming professional matches Dota 2 . We try to solve such problems, but the implementation of the innovations necessary for the community requires considerable efforts.

In any change of each of our products, we begin with a key question – “What is best for our users?”. This means that not only fans of professional games are important to us, but also those who like watching certain streamers.

In general, in the spheres of community creativity we try to act very carefully, because none of us want to destroy really cool ideas and inventions, which we ourselves could not even think of. The community made a huge contribution to the development of Dota 2 : the creation of useful websites like  Dotabuff , the drawing of unique sets in the  Steam workshop , the development of independent broadcast studios, streamers with large fan audiences, and that’s why we decided that the community has the right to own unofficial broadcasts.

Roughly speaking, we see two groups of fans. Some are interested in the competitive process – they have their favorite players, teams, casters and tournaments, and they are interested in content directly coming from the organizers of the tournaments. Another group of fans is tied to certain personalities, and they like to watch their games and listen to their comments. And our task is to make sure that both groups of fans are satisfied with the content.

Summarizing the above, we are convinced that, in addition to official streams completely processed by specialists from tournament organizers, anyone can stream. However, we do not agree that informal persons will be streaming for commercial purposes or in order to compete with official video studios. Also, unofficial streamers will not be able to use on their streams any material from official broadcasts, be it audio and video, as well as screensavers and other unique content. To all, the studios will not be able to broadcast events belonging to each other. Let’s say in the end that everyone should play together amicably, at the same time realizing the limits of the permissible.

Such innovations have long been expected by popular streamers, not involved in official broadcast studios, as well as their fans. We hope that the new rule will help to significantly popularize Dota 2 and bring a lot of new and diverse content.

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