Valve : Only we are the one to decide who violates our copyrights


Last night on the site of Dota 2 there was a small blog from the developers of the game, connected with the situation around the unofficial broadcasts of the tournament ESL One Genting.

slit breaker act 2

Recall that earlier ESL moved the English-language and Portuguese-language broadcasts to the Facebook platform, but in the early days of the tournament, the aether was collected by just over 5,000 spectators. On the second day, ESL blocked several pirate broadcasts on Twitch, including the BeyoundTheSummit channel. Others, for example, AdmiralBulldog, declined to comment on the tournament after receiving notifications.

Translation of the blog:

We see the discussion of DotaTV and we want to expand the set of rules we talked about before.

The first question that we discussed concerns DMCA copyright notifications. It’s very simple: no one except Valve can send DMCA notifications for games from DotaTV, if they do not use the unique content of broadcasters (commenters’ voices, camera traffic, etc.).

The second question concerns who is allowed to use DotaTV. We have developed flexible recommendations that should help people like BSJ or Bulldog, who sometimes watch tournament games on their channel. But this should not allow commercial organizations, such as BTS, to compete with the mainstream. Only we will decide who violates this guide, and not any third party.

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