Vega Squadron will not change the composition?


According to unconfirmed information, the composition of Vega Squadron remains the same in the new season: ALOHADANCE, God, AfterLife, Silent and CemaTheSlayer will continue to protect the colors of this club.

vega squadron

image credits : twitter

Manager Team Empire  Dmitriy “Korb3n” Belov confirmed rumors about the transition of  Roman “Resolut1on” Fominka to  OG and the return of Clinton  “Fear”  Loomis to the role of player Evil Geniuses . Korb3n also reported that Vega Squadron did not intend to change the roster by the beginning of the new season, and told about the joining of  Ludwig ” zai ” Wåhlberg to the new team Peter ” ppd ” Dager.

We remind you that recently There was a big leak Insider information about permutations between the top clubs of Europe, Asia and America – new compositions of  Evil Geniuses ,   OG ,  Team Secret  and other teams were published . Transfers have not yet been formally confirmed, but these rumors have already made a lot of noise in the community.

Valve has not yet announced the timing of the transfer window. Presumably, resafl will end near the end of September. You can follow all the changes on the professional stage with the help of our “Guide to off-season transfers”!!

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