XBOCT : I miss Dota 2 , time has come for me to return !


Former player, analyst, coach  Natus Vincere   Alexander “XBOCT” Dashkevich told in an interview about returning to the camp “Born to Win”, the completion of the player’s career, the forecasts for The International 2017 And many other things. Dashkevich also spoke about the problems of the former Natus Vincere team and said that the next season, most likely, the team will be played by five players from the CIS. All the most interesting from the interview with XBOCT 


You changed many teams after leaving Na’Vi in 2015. What were you going to do when you left the organization?

I had no plans, but then I was invited to Team Empire. I knew the players, so why not? He spent three months in the Empire, then he played for mixes and decided to retire. That was a good decision. I started streaming, doing vlogs and doing something outside of Dota 2, but it’s time to go back. I miss the game.

Why do you think ending your career was a good decision? I wanted to rest from the game and think, what do you want to do next?

Something like that. I was tired of DotA, and I needed to reboot. By that time, I had played for a long time, and there was no desire to continue. But eventually I realized that I wanted to return. And he wanted to. I have no desire to perform, but I want to be part of the scene. Now others can play, and I will look, reflect and help others grow.

Was this Invitation from Na’Vi was a surprise or you knew it was coming?

Yes, I was a little surprised. We did not discuss this before leaving, the CEO and the manager called me for a meeting [this year]. At first I did not want to be a coach, but their words convinced me. I realized that I could come in handy to the team.

In some teams, the coach works as a psychologist, in others he works on drafts and strategies. What should a mentor do in general and what are your duties as Na’Vi?

To be a “Life Coach”. I want to tell the players statistics so that it was interesting to them. But if they need psychological support, then I want them to turn to me for help. Of course, I will play more in DotA, come up with strategies and help the composition grow, especially in the game aspect.

Since you had left  NaVi in 2015, you have had chance to play in a few lineups. What were your plans when you left Natus Vincere?

Хвост: Initially, I had no plans, well, all in all. Be that as it may, at that point I was welcome to Team Empire, and I knew two or three players. What’s more, I said to myself: “Why not!” In the end, I lost there three months before taking off. At that point I had tests in a few programs. However, everything did not make a difference, I solidly chose: “Everything! My player’s profession has reached an end.”

What’s more, it was a decent choice. I began gushing, blogging, doing different things around the DOTA. In any case, at that point it’s an ideal opportunity to return. I missed DOTA.

Do you help Na’Vi pick up the line-up? Will you re-assemble the team ?

I help and, most likely, take five people from the line up .

Which team was the best in the group stage of The International 2017? Who will win?

I like Team Liquid. Excellent play, and then you can not say who is good. Of course, Amer “Miracle-” al-Barkavi is incredible, but all players are ready for the tournament, understand each other and maintain a good team spirit. One player acts, the rest immediately picks up. Team Liquid has everything to win.

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